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Corporate & Business:

It's hard for growing businesses to handle everything on their own. We can handle your legal affairs so you can focus on growing in your niche market. From Choosing & Forming an Entity to business strategy, let us be a part of your team!

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Entertainment Representation & Counseling:

We focus on protecting your creativity while you focus on entertaining your audience. Let us handle your legal affairs resulting from your creative endeavors.

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Brand Management:

Entertainment branding, agreements, deals, and other entrepreneur services can be acquired separately or coupled with our business and legal services.

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Intellectual Property:

Hawk Legal will assist you in protecting your intellectual property rights. If you need to register, clear, certify, safeguard, license, or enforce your intellectual property rights, we can help!

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Estate Planning:

Hawk Legal will assist you in planning and protecting your estate. We provide the tools to solidify your legacy, so you don't ever have to worry about your loved ones' care when you're no longer with us.

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Alternative Dispute:

Hawk Legal will negotiate your deals or settle your legal matters without litigation. This service is intended to save you time and money.

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